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My Story

 I am a visual artist who currently works out of Porter Mill Studios in Beverly, MA. I like to focus my creative energy on making personal and unique artwork. I enjoy collaborating with customers to create art with special significance to them. I am currently working in various metal clays, and stained glass, some with photo transfers, mosaics, and other mixed media. I began my serious exploration into art while in high school which lead to a Bachelors's Degree in Fine Arts from Mass College of Art where I majored in sculpture. I have stayed active in the arts while bringing up my family and working as an Occupational Therapist over the last 35. I have been able to devote much more time to my art in the last 10 years resulting in a growing body of work. In 2021 I retired from my full-time job as an Occupational Therapist, (O.T.), so that I could pursue my passion for art on a full-time basis. 


 In 1979 I graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art.  I started the Kingston Gallery in 1982 with my husband, David Kay, and ran it for 5 years. It is a co-op gallery that is still in business and is now located in the SOWA arts district on Harrison Avenue in Boston.  In 1987, after receiving my Master of Arts in Occupational Therapy, I became a registered O.T. and worked in this field for 35 years.  My work as an O.T. has given me a lot of experience creatively working with people and running groups.  I have recently begun teaching small group art classes at my studio. I have also exhibited my work in many galleries and shows over the years.  




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